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Why it's here

The S2 Company Laboratory contains various writings on various topics.  Some of these  will find their way into in publications and Products.  Others are just here because I think they are cool or useful.

Expect most of the items here to be modified, tweaked, revised, and sometimes eve marked as 'obsolete', until I package them into their final form.  This will mostly be for publication, but occasionally to sell.  Of course, I'll continue to modify that 'final form' as I figure out smarter methods.  But past publications and products will always be available for view, if only as museum pieces.

What it's for

Since retirement, I've done a lot of consulting in such diverse areas as applied Intelligence theory, wargame design, Information Operations, and the DoD System Architecture Framework. A lot of what we've produced is pretty cool: wargames for learning specific aspects of Intelligence Analysis, methods for predicting future enemy activity, my experiences playing massively multiplayer online games like Lord of the Rings Online, and even several approaches to quantifying Intelligence.

I've wanted to post information about these projects, but didn't want it available to just anyone with a browser and internet access. None of this material is classified, but I consider some of it to be sensitive and worth protecting from access by our many enemies. Heck, a few of the wargames were classified as 'munitions' by the State Department to restrict their export! This material will be in the restricted areas. The rest will be available for general viewing.

In the near future I'll turn on the self-registration module. This will require a .mil email address. Once registered, you'll be able to see the Restricted Stuff, maybe even play some of the Intelligence Analysis Wargames, and use the forum to leave comments.

For those that are interested, the Laboratory is powered by the excellent Simple Machine Forum software. This is the third time I've used this package, and have grown to like it.
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