Why this is Important!

Soldiers DIE in combat when there is poor Intelligence!

Yet Tactical Intelligence is a neglected art and an under-developed science. As is true throughout the Army in general, most of the focus within the Intelligence Community is on the development and fielding of expensive, high technology systems. Some of these systems are superb, but their expense puts them at the continual mercy of the budget cutters. The majority of systems, which are less than superb, place a strain on the entire Intelligence system in terms of training and maintenance support.

If they ever arrive!!

This is the Information Age. Intelligence Professionals focus, gather, and analyze Information in order to create the Intelligence needed to win battles. Of all the military specialties, ours is the most affected by this revolution. Tactical Intelligence solutions don't have to be massive, mega-buck processors. If the Tanker doesn't like the M1A1 Abrams tank, too bad! If we don't like the All Source Analysis System, we can sit at our home computers and build a better version! Our "Main Guns" are our minds. Our "Tank Gunnery" is intelligence analysis. Our "Industrial Complex" is our personal computer.

The S2 Company is dedicated to helping those at the lowest levels of the funding food-chain, who must continue to do more with less, in order to ensure their units - and fellow soldiers - survive and win in battle.