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SZA14U Matrix Task Org Matrix task org chart in MS Word. This has been in our doctrine since about 1984, but is seldom seen in actual OPORDs. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked! Contributed by David Horton.
3kb     Donor:Horton, David   Key Words:
SZA203U Staff instructional briefing Superb briefing that describes how to succeed as a staff officer within a Battalion or Brigade. Not JUST for S2s, this is valuable for those S2-Support staffs (S1,S3,S4). Also great material for a commander or XO about to orient a new staff.
14kb     Donor:Van Court, Edward CPT   Key Words:PPT BN BDE
SZA41U Matrix OPORD Just putting a box around the paragraphs in an Operations Order does not make it a Matrix OPORD! It just looks silly. This file is a MS Word Template for a five paragraph OPORD that facilitates a tight, information-oriented structure that is faster to write and read than the traditional text-based format. It closely resembles the matrix Intelligence Estimate found in the New Mission Tool Box below, and is optimized for an Infantry or Armor Brigade. Because it is a Template, you can modify it to your specific unit. Makes a great gift for that Bde/BN S3 of yours who is always calling you an ’Intel Geek’! Download and unzip to your MS Word Template Directory. To use, select File | New, and choose S3OPORD instead of ’’. Save the file as whatever your OPORD number will be so that you can find it again for the inevitable revisions! Copyright The S2 Company, 1998, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.
18kb     Donor:G (author)   Key Words: