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SSA128U Bde S2 Smart Book S2 smart book, fine-tuned at NTC when author was a Bde S2, and includes an ACE Chief checklist from his time in Bosnia (Oct 96-May 97). Contributed by MAJ Rich Holden, XO, 101st MI BN, 1st ID.
30kb     Donor:Holden, Rich LTC   Key Words:NTC
SSA314U CMTC Smart Book Excellent collection of S2 procedures, enemy tactics, terrain, and vehicle photographs relating to the CMTC. Created for TF 1-501st Aviation Regiment for rotation 2002-02. Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
2.6 MB     Donor:Sung, Nathanael CPT   Key Words:IEW IPB CMTC CO MAN TGT BN BDE