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SAA235D NTC Observer-Controller (OC) Handbook From the NTC website. ’The OC Handbook is a reference guide for all OCs at the National Training Center (NTC). It is designed as a ready reference to assist OCs in the performance of their duties and describes field standards, which apply to all OCs and Augmentees. ’
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SAA42U Intel BOS training plan. Battalion and Brigade commanders are often at a loss on how to train their S2 Sections. They know what they want, but few have the time, inclination, or expertise required to establish an adequate training program. S2 section training normally has the lowest priority because it has the lowest visibility in an organization that is ’Doing More Peacetime Administrivia With Less Soldiers Available’. Here is an approach to help focus YOUR S2 Section training! Copyright The S2 Company, 1998, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.
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SAA57U mission planning flowchart View (GIF 20k) S2PLAN.BMP (ZIP 13k) How do you provide the Staff with Intelligence Planning Products in a timely manner when you receive the order at the same time they do? Here is a solution! It is the graphic version of the ’S2 Checklist’ above, and is designed to work with the ’New Mission Toolbox’ below. Copyright The S2 Company, 1997, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.
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