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MAA180U Company Command Files Here are some interesting files I developed back in 1997 in my 3d company command (HHC, USAG, Ft Riley). Since the company had both the post IG AND the Staff Judge Advocate, these items got MORE than their fair share of scrutiny and refinement! I am particularly proud of the One Page Policy Letter that replaced 27 pages of TYPICAL policy letters. After this Third Attemp to command, the Army promoted me to a rank above my level of competence so that I could never again command a company. By the way, the sidewalk mentioned in the Skinny Dipping Affair was 250 meters long, built in 1880, and hadn’t been maintained in decades. G.
140kb     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:DOC
MAA255U Risk Management Tool Excellent MS Excel tool for risk management. Includes doctrine, drop down lists and table lookups to help walk you through the risk assessment and management process.
12 kB     Donor:Craig, Jim MAJ   Key Words:C2 XLS
MAA317U Personnel Management Cards 3x5 organizer cards in Adobe Acrobat format that should be very usefull: just print out and cut up. The first file is a calendar file with 4 cards w/ 3 months each, plus blank monthly/weekly/daily cards at the end. The second file is a single personnel information card.
22 kB     Donor:Guillory, Brant   Key Words: