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IGA170U BDA Tracker and Strength Calculator A simple to use spreadsheet that can do two things: One function, the BDA Tracker, will calculate the remaining equipment as well as the overall strength of a unit based on user input BDA. The second function, the Strength Calculator is an equipment breakdown based on user input known unit strength.
7kb     Donor:Gray, David 1LT   Key Words:IEW BDA XLS NTC
IGA194U Pattern Analysis Plot Sheet Simple powerpoint implementation of the chart found on pg 3-86 of FM 34-130 IPB. Great for plotting events vs time for analysis.
6kb     Donor:Reincheld, Nate   Key Words:IEW SD PPT
IGA222U Engineer BDA Spreadsheet Engineer breakdown for the 3d Combined Arms Army for the Northland World Class OPFOR. Lists engineer vehicles down to Engineer BN level and enumerates their obstacle construction capabilities.
166 kB     Donor:Shermrer, John W. LT   Key Words:IEW BDA XLS
IGA299U BDA Chart Chart of enemy icons that can be crossed off as they are killed. Resolution to the enemy squad level. Designed for and used at the JRTC.
10 kB     Donor:Price, Scott   Key Words:IEW BDA PPT JRTC
IGA52U Time Dist Calculation Chart Don’t need 8-digit accuracy for enemy unit speed? Frustrated with your Tired Brain transposing the elements of the of Time-Distance Equation? Calculators are great. But for Time-Distance calculations during a fast moving battle they provide excess precision at the cost of convenience. Try this chart!! Given the enemy’s speed and one additional location/time fix, it computes the estimated time to another location and the distance the enemy has moved since you received that last report. Given two location/time fixes, it computes the enemy speed. With Instructions! © Copyright The S2 Company, 1997, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.
16kb     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:
IGA59U Event Analysis Matrix This is a detailed MS Excel spreadsheet that will assist the analyst track an advancing enemy force over time. Allows user input of distances between march units and their march speeds, and computes hit times for the march units reaching known locations. Was first introduced in MI Magazine in 1994. AKA the "Krumminization Matrix". Includes instructions and text of MI Magazine article.
43kb     Donor:Krumm, Kenneth MAJ   Key Words: