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IEA220T Focusing Intel Demo Database This is an MS Access 2000 database that demonstrates the principles in the MICA Vanguard articles Focusing Intelligence Part 1 and Part 2. Illustrates & demonstrates the automation principles behind creation of Decision Points through construction of the Collection Plan. Copyright © 2001, The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved.
357kB     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:IEW IPB MDB TGT
IEA258T Focusing Intel Part 2 - Creating SORs This article explores the conflicting definitions of Collection Management terminology, establishes more focused and useful definitions, relates the terms to each other, and explains the construction of a Relational Database that constructs Specific Orders or Requests (SOR). Copyright © 2001, The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved.
Web Page     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:GKEY IEW IPB HTM BN IW BDE SD DIV TGT
IEA294T R & S Planning Redefined You can count on soldiers agreeing on two things: 1) Reconnaissance & Surveillance Planning and Execution is essential to mission success; 2) The US Army doesn’t do it well. Why we don’t do it well -and- what needs to be done to fix it are topics best discussed over a beer with no loaded weapons at hand... because there is little agreement. So unload that six-gun and grab a Guinness Double Stout. Here is a methodology to fix the problem!
Web Page     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:GKEY IEW SD HTM BN MAN IW BDE C2
IEA30U Sample R&S plan This is an example of how to do an R&S Plan, to include the often overlooked things like Medical support/Evac and Loggie stuff. Contributed by CPT Melissa Fahrni.
6kb     Donor:Fahrni, Missy CPT   Key Words:
IEA50U Requirements Based Collection (RBC) chec Requirements Based Collection (RBC) is not a doctrinal term, but rather the concept of ensuring that there is a specific link between the information that is needed by the commander and the intelligence that is provided by the Intelligence Battlefield Operating System. It is also known as ’Boot Lacing’. The checklist is not designed for any specific echelon. However, it is best at Brigade and Division, with some application at the Battalion and Corps staff levels. One unique aspect is that it addresses IPB and analysis given two different enemy tactical styles: Recon Pull (Auftragstaktic: US/UK/German model) & Command Push (Befehlstaktic: Soviet model) © Copyright The S2 Company, 1997, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.
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