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IDA141U Force Ratio Calculator Here is a superb Force Ratio Calculator created in MS Excel. You select the number of battalions and their percent strength, and it calculates the force ratio, creates a bar graph, and estimates the Damage the upcoming fight could do to each side. User can adjust the values of the compared forces. With instructions. Contributed by Major Jim Craig, currently serving a one-year sentence at Leavenworth (Command & General Staff College).
32kb     Donor:Craig, Jim MAJ   Key Words:IEW XLS
IDA172U OPORD Briefing Cards A 13 -page worksheet that steps through the S2’s functions in helping the Staff prepare the BN/Bde OPORD. With instruction.
13kb     Donor:Palmer, Dutch CPT   Key Words:
IDA219T Focusing Intelligence - Part 1 The mechanics of how the commander focuses the intelligence collection and analytical effort. First published in March 2001 issue of The Vanguard. Copyright © 2001, The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved.
Web Page     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:GKEY IEW HTM
IDA285U Intel Focus Evaluation Matrix ’Thanks for all the work! We just wanted to know!’ is a dangerous thing to say to that Long Range Surveillance soldier who barely escaped with his life to answer your stupid PIR!! Our profession exists to produce intelligence that supports decision making related to battle planning and execution: Focused Intelligence!! This matrix shows which PIRs/FFIRs are linked to DPs/HPTs, and the quality of that association. It also has a rating system to numerically determine the percent of CCIR-to-Decision Tool linkage, the accumulative quality of the links, and the overall Intelligence Focus Effectiveness. This matrix is primarily designed for use by evaluators or Observer-Controllers. The concept behind the matrix is for all Intelligence soldiers, and should exist as a report within your analyst software.
15 kB     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:IEW DOC DIV MAN BDE BN
IDA324U Wargaming Book - Forms Here are the full-size forms for the book "Wargaming: A Systematic Approach". The book itself is a handy 5.5 X 8.5 inches, making it a lousy Form Projection Platform! This Adobe PDF file contains Appendix E - Blank Forms. Use them for your next Wargame, or for building your unit Tactical SOP.
1.6 MB     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:C2 IPB BN BDE DIV PDF
IDA51U Relative Combat Power Tables Designed and used during a 1st ID BCTP exercise at Ft Leavenworth by Captain Ken Krumm using MS Excel 3. Contains separate spreadsheets for 4 Motorized Rifle Divisions, 5 Tank Divisions, an Airborne Division, Combined Arms Army Artillery, and a Separate Brigade. Each is taken down to battalion resolution, and uses the factors from the venerable ST 100-9. All aspects can be customized by the user. Also included is a spreadsheet for the Mighty 1st Infantry Division (The REAL one... from Fort Riley, Kansas!!).
29kb     Donor:Krumm, Kenneth MAJ   Key Words:
IDA55U Modular DST The classic DST described in FM 34-8 and FM 34-130 is of limited use in real field exercises. Often the DST is created as a ’Nod to Doctrine’ and thereafter kept in a guarded place in the Operations Center in the event that an Observer-Controller should ask to see it. The Modular DST eliminates the Big Overlay, and condenses the information for each critical decision onto a single card. Cards are placed where convenient around the map corresponding to where the staff anticipates making the decision. The modular DST is not a universal replacement for the Classic DST, but is an additional staff tool. © Copyright The S2 Company, 1997, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.
8kb     Donor:G (author)   Key Words: