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GTA279A Transforming Doctrine Our current doctrinal production system is state-of-the-art... for the year 1750. Here is a simple 12-step method to fix the process... simple because it is technically feasible, inexpensive to implement, builds on the strengths of the Information Age, and enables the entire Intelligence community to become involved in continuous improvement of our professional knowledge. Published in the MICA Vanguard, November, 2001 issue. <p>Copyright (C) 2001, The S2 Company. Free distribution and non-commercial use permitted.
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GTA313T The Intelligence Range The most basic and universal tool in the US Army is the rifle. We have a very efficient system in place for teaching all aspects of this piece of machinery to every new soldier, and a collection of ranges and continuing training programs to ensure soldier competence throughout their career. However, unlike the Infantry, the role of the MI soldier is not to close with and kill the enemy. Our primary weapon is not the rifle, but Intelligence. This article explains the theory and techniques for constructing a range for training and evaluating Tactical Intelligence organizations. Published in the MICA Vanguard, January 2003. Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
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GTA339A Constructivist Design Principles Constructivism is a style of instruction where you learn things by doing, rather than listening to an instructor drone on. Though constructivists do not promote set curriculum, here are some notes I assembled for designing a constructivist learning environment.
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GTA341A Blooms Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain Blooms Taxonomy is an incredibly useful set of categories for ranking complexity of thought of test questions, blocks of instruction, mission tasks, and other things. Forget that Crawl-Walk-Run nonsense, use this instead! This is information I assembled from various sources.
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GTA342A What is a Wargame I've spent a lot of time designing and building Intelligence Analysis Wargames to increase analyst readiness and proficiency. We all play games, and many of us play wargames of one genre or another. Here is a useful definition and description of wargames.
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