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AHA143A Funny Classification Covers Three graphics that look like those card-stock classification covers, but labeled: FUTILE, STUPID, and CONSTIPATED. One of these came out of CGSC, and reportedly was developed at Ft Riley, Kansas. The other two were developed by folks at Ft Huachuca who were inspired by the concept. Not for use in place of the actual covers! Well, maybe sometimes…
106kb     Donor:G (Found someplace)   Key Words:
AHA261U Wear of Black Beret Not sure how to wear your latest uniform accessory? Here is some Advice from the Experts!
395 kB     Donor:Humerick, David   Key Words:PPT
AHA268A Flowchart for Tamper Resolution Just couldn’t keep from messing with it, could you? And now it’s messed up. This might help!
33 kB     Donor:Parkinson, Louisa, MAJ (NZ)   Key Words:PPT
AHA278G Bouncing Bini No place for a scumbag to hide! Animated Bin Laden trying to bounce out of the MI Crystal Ball. Feel free to copy & use the animated GIF graphic to spice up your Powerpoint Briefs! The graphic is 1.2 MB, so it might take a few minutes to load.

Copyright (C) 2001, The S2 Company. Free distribution and non-commercial use permitted.
1.1 MB     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:GIF HTM