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AAA142A Pendulous ver 2.4 Superb tactical wargame! Although it portrays battle in abstract form, Pendulous has many superb features that make it addictive: supply-line tracking, game replay, support for up to 4 players, hidden moves, fractal map generator, scenario and opponent editors, much more! Shareware by Kamyan Software which - it appears - has gone out of business. Comes with three pre-made scenarios, instruction manual, and 4 recorded replays demonstrating 4 of the 5 forms of maneuver (frontal attack, envelopment, penetration, and turning movement). Supply lines let you practice and demonstrate aspects of Maneuver Warfare.
459kb     Donor:G (Found someplace)   Key Words:EXE
AAA166U Units Conversion Program CONVERT ver 4.08 Excellent program that efficiently performs numerous unit conversions. Written by Joshua F. Madison ( and is free to use and distribute.
168kb     Donor:Holden, Rich LTC   Key Words:EXE
AAA198D Glossary Intelligence terms and definitions from FM 34-130 and FM 34-8.
Web Page     Donor:G (Found someplace)   Key Words:IEW HTM
AAA221T Relational Database Tutorial - Revised! Intelligence Professionals earn their keep by wielding analytical skills to produce Intelligence from piles of information. Therefore, your Microsoft Office weapon of choice should not be presentation software like Power Point, but MS Access: a powerful and easy-to-use relational database. STARTING to use Access can be difficult, as relational databases are different enough from spreadsheets and other programs to make the initial hour painful. This two-page cheat-sheet and sample application is designed to help you through that first session. Use it along with the MS Access manual (which is very good!) and you will quickly grasp the concepts. Copyright 2001, The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved.
110kB     Donor:G (author)   Key Words:MDB DOC
AAA325A Prayer for Battle Prayer and Bible verses especially for the Soldier going into combat. Hooah!!
Web Page     Donor:G (Found someplace)   Key Words:HTM
AAA337A Innovation Evaluation System How experts within a domain of knowledge can evaluate the degree of innovation presented to them.
Lab     Donor:G (author)   Key Words: