Book One
The Forgotten Adventures of Dolley Madison

Posted Online!


I'm now into the fourth year of my one-year novel construction project, and "The Forgotten Adventures of Dolley Madison" has grown into three books.

After hundreds (thousands?) of hours researching and writing I'm getting impatient with private perfecting and solitary happy-to-glad revisionism. I want you to see what I'm doing, and tell me that you like it. Or that you don't!.

Therefore, I'm posting a big chunk of the first book, Invasion!, to

Maybe all of it, I haven't decided.

I'll post the Final Draft initially, chapter by chapter, and open each chapter for your comments and feedback. As each chapter is refined by the editor, I'll post the revision.

Then, after all the chapters are edited, I'll release Invasion! as an e-book and paperback.

Please let me know what you think: your comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Best Regards,
Neil Garra