The S2 Company

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Mind Tools for Tactical Intelligence



To help Intelligence professionals do Tactical Intelligence more efficiently by providing them better systems, procedures and tools.


Who We Are & What We Do

The S2 Company is an entirely Internet-based business, founded in October 1996, and operating as a sole proprietorship from Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Military Intelligence Corps Association Corporate Member since January, 1999

Dun & Bradstreet # 13-334-2993

Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) code 1SP04



We provide Tactical Intelligence products and services for...

Intelligence Officers and Non-commissioned Officers in U.S. Army Battalions and Brigades.

Students learning to BE Intelligence Officers or Non-commissioned Officers in Battalions and Brigades.

Those in other professions that wish to know more about Tactical Intelligence.



Our focus:

We directly target the needs of the professional soldier, rather than pursue government contracts. Because of this, we focus on

What Works, rather than What is Doctrinally Acceptable...

What is Needed in the Field, rather than What Pays the Big Bucks.



Who runs the joint?

  Neil A. Garra 
Owner & Despot for Life